With 50 years of healthcare, wellness, pharmacy and pharmaceutical science experience, Charles Shively, PhD, RPh has dedicated his career to healthcare advocacy.

Internationally known as The Healthcare Advocate, his dozens of published papers are focused on nutritional aspects of aging and the resulting effects on the mind and body that can be attributed to chronic disease, with a focus on diabetes.

Over the last 10 years, his scientific involvement with dietary supplements has offered consumers a better understanding of the uniqueness of the best products which support weight loss.

This includes understanding how increased metabolism supports fat burning, blood sugar balance, hunger control and tackling metabolic syndrome. With his expertise, he’s been able to offer readers a better understanding of the impact of how body hormones, bioactive peptides and amino acids support weight loss.

Currently, he is actively evaluating Almased, the weight loss and meal replacement supplement, to personally verify the many published attributes of this unique product.

His dedicated wellness website, www.AskDrS.org, offers additional insights designed to help people advance their health and wellness.

He received his BS in Pharmacy in 1967 and PhD in Drug Formulation Dosage Form Design and Physical Pharmacy from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, in 1972. He has maintained his active pharmacist license in three states since 1967.