Let the Journey To Optimal Health Age Begin!

My face keeps looking older in the morning mirror. My beltline seems to have expanded. I never saw it coming even as I continued to counsel others about optimal health. As I searched for answers, I realize it now beyond a doubt—it is time for my personal change. I hope to recover the past 20 years of my life with a nutritional wellness transformation. While it not possible to erase time, itself, many of the physical changes that have occurred with my body can still be adjusted.


How Did I Get Here?

This past year, my best-laid plans just slipped through my hands! I had the best of intentions at the start of 2019. But, as a friend suggested to me, it really is a chronological age (how old our birth certificate says we are) versus a biological age issue (how old we seem to be).

Haven’t we all met people who are in their 30s (chronological age) who look and act like they’re in their 60s (biological age)? Or people in their 70s who seem like they’re 50?

Some experts refer to our biological age as our real age, since it matters more how healthy we feel, look and act.

My first step in capturing some of my lost years begins with weight loss?

I do not expect to achieve some of the unbelievable claims promised by many weight-management and wellness product marketers out there.

When I read something that seems unbelievable, it usually is.

Many of my friends have recommended to me what they believe are the best products for weight loss and wellness, which I plan on using.


Unfortunately, to reach my weight-loss goals I’m going to have to give up a lot of favorite treats.

On top of that, I’m going to need to commit to a meal plan that will yield weight-loss results along with exercise.

For exercise, I am going to use a stationary bike, as I don’t run well after my total knee replacement. I now do three miles on the bike every morning.

My current starting weight is 222 lbs. I plan to lose 25 pounds with the desired goal of 198 pounds.

If you’re joining me on my weight-loss journey, begin by writing down your own starting weight and how much you wish to lose. You can use this online calculator to see if your goal is under what is considered overweight for your height and weight.


My Choice for Wellness and Weight Loss

To support me on my weight-loss journey, I have chosen to use Almased, which is a meal-replacement and weight-loss shake. Why have I chosen Almased?

Almased is a proprietary blend supported by evidence-based clinical trials around the world.

Created over 30 years ago by the German holistic practitioner, Hubertus Trouillé, Almased’s metabolic and weight loss benefits are exactly what I personally need to help me attain optimal health again.

I will be able to support my metabolic health while encouraging healthy blood sugar.

I will be able to hold onto my muscle while burning more fat; this should help me achieve my desired weight loss of at least 25 pounds.

I would like to achieve other wellness improvements, too, including improved cognitive function, better sleep, and improved overall well-being. I realize a balanced metabolism, while dieting, supports steady and lasting results.

I plan to follow Almased’s four-phase diet, The Figure Plan.

The Figure Plan involves a Starting Phase, which I will follow for three days. It involves only consuming liquids.


Later in the week, beginning on Day 4, I will begin the Reduction Phase which requires two meals a day with Almased (breakfast and evening).

At lunch each day I will have a nutritious meal with protein and limited fruit. The sugar in fruit is stored in fat and may compromise my diet success!

This Reduction Phase should help me sleep better and assist with better brain health during my morning hours.

I plan to continue this Reduction phase for at least 14 days before I begin the Stability Phase, which is where I replace one meal a day with Almased.

During the next four weeks, before my next blog regarding MY and OUR journey, I will continue with the stability phase, which will help me maintain my lost weight.

I will use the many nutritious suggestions for my meals available on Almased’s website.

I will maintain morning and night daily weight checks and includes them in my next blog to show the progress.

Will you join me on this weight-loss journey?