Dieting is more about commitment than anything.

Lately, though, it seems that I am in some sort of battle with myself, between my memory of a younger and healthier me from years ago and the me of today who is working to regain, not years, but some of that same health I once enjoyed and want to enjoy again.

As I try to lose weight fast, I am able to use that memory of yesterday and that dream of tomorrow to drive myself forward. I wonder if some of you are experiencing some of the same things.

And, for me, a big part of this war is fought on the battleground of food, especially foods that are best to be avoided most times if we are trying to lose weight.

Diet Update    

There are many foods that continue to lure me while I am on my weight-loss journey. Foods like chocolate, peppermint ice cream, and a late-night milkshake concoction that contains half-and-half plus bananas or sweet berries are not helpful to my weight-loss goals.

Of course, none of these sweets are part of my diet program. It is my issue with committing to a program and resisting temptation for sugary foods.    

And I now realize why it’s been hard for me to commit. Growing up in the midwest, I was raised on fried chicken, mashed potatoes, banana bread pudding, sweet cream pie, cherry pie, and countless other weight-challenging foods.

Despite this food upbringing, the Almased Diet Program has become my diet program of choice to help me through my journey to optimal health.

And I know that the Almased Diet Program and the Figure Plan are there for me and are inspiring me to make healthier choices. For example, I’ve started to use frozen green grapes as a late-night snack to curb my sugar cravings. This works for me as it is a healthier alternative to what I could be eating.


Exercise and Weight-Loss Goal Update    

Recently I’ve discovered my use of the recumbent bicycle doesn’t help me burn as many calories as I would like. It exercises the legs and knees but lacks full-body involvement. So I’ve added a fast-paced one-mile walk after my evening meal.       

Regarding weight loss, I had planned to lose 25 pounds in one month. Although I have lost 8 pounds in 10 days, I don’t think that I can achieve my goal in that short amount of time.

However, on the Almased diet, I am seeing that my worst hunger pangs and cravings have been eliminated starting with my first Almased shake.

Others, including my primary care doctor, tell me it may take about 3 months to lose 25 pounds for which I’m shooting. But I’m still committed to giving the Almased Diet Program an opportunity to work for me.

Health Update

Importantly my blood pressure has become normal, with values pretty much around  125 systolic (the top number) and 84 diastolic (the bottom number). This is near what doctors recommend, which would be 120/80.

Interestingly, it appears that my choices for my once-daily whole meal are obviously different than what nutritionists offer. Who would have thought that lean prime rib cooked in a crockpot with golden mushroom soup, sweet onions and Zinfandel wine would not support the continued weight loss of two Almased shakes from earlier in the day?

And my green lettuce salad with green grapes and cherry tomatoes also did not change my daily weight-loss outcome. Only using a small amount of light lemon olive oil on the salad did not help either.

Tonight, I return to baked chicken breast coated with Italian seasonings and jalapenos, in the hope that this sort of lower caloric meal will support my Figure Plan efforts.


My Latest Take-Home Message

As far as my latest takeaway message from all this, I have learned, even with my man’s pride of age 75 (soon to be 76), it can be difficult to achieve weight loss without a nutritionist. Surprised?

For me, a health coach and seasoned nutritionist have become very important. I do believe that the Almased Diet Program, in combination with the wisdom from an Almased nutritionist will help me.

Jamie Luu, RDN, LDN the Almased Registered Dietitian has helped many people to understand their metabolism as they age. I will use her as a resource as I continue to move ahead with the Phase 2 approach of two shakes a day and a nutritious meal.

Remember this, we’re not chained to our childhood foods

Although I was raised in the Midwest on fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, banana bread pudding, sweet cream, and cherry pies, I have accepted that now is the time for food-behavioral changes to affect my weight loss. I will stay committed to the Almased Diet Program.

I agree, as a holistic wellness formulator and pharmacist for over 50 years, that the original Almased formula of special soy, honey and low-fat yogurt powder with 22 vitamins and minerals can help me achieve my goals of weight loss including reduced cognitive decline and increased energy.  I have experienced, since the very first shake, this formula does stop cravings.

Moving past my entrenched human habits about eating is difficult.