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Is it safe for my clients to drink Almased long term?

Almased is safe for your clients to drink twice a day as a meal replacement as part of a healthy diet program for as long as desired.

For a modified fast, we recommend drinking Almased as a meal replacement for all three meals no longer than 14 days.

Can my clients use Almased if they’re on on a protein-restricted diet?

A serving (50 grams) of Almased contains 27 grams of protein. Almased can be customized to fit an individual’s protein needs or restrictions.  

Will my clients gain the weight back when they go off Almased?

No, they should not. In studies that have been conducted, people who used Almased kept their weight off even after 6 months of not consuming Almased. However, it all depends on each individual and how they proceed with their lifestyle.  
Almased is the beginning of a lifestyle change, and it was this change that helped them achieve weight loss. If they go back to the same lifestyle and poor eating habits that made them gain weight to begin with, inevitably, the weight will return. They should Incorporate some exercise into their daily routine, along with healthy eating habits. The secret to sustained weight loss is now theirs.  

How many days is it safe to fast using Almased?

An individual may drink Almased three times a day for up to 14 days on the Almased diet. For individuals with medical conditions, we suggest checking with their doctor before starting the diet as in some cases fasting may not be suitable.

Do people who are lactose intolerant have trouble taking Almased?

Almased has very minimal (trace) amounts of lactose and because of the special fermentation process, most lactose sensitive people do not have any problems. If your client has lactose intolerance or is allergic to soy, yogurt or honey, you can invite them to speak to an Almased nutritionist at 1-877-256-2733.

Can my clients have sugar/carb drinks, diet soda, wine or beer while on the Almased Diet?

They should try to avoid sugary drinks or sodas (even diet sodas) because they might make them even hungrier and slow down their weight loss. Sugar, alcohol and caffeine may stimulate hunger pangs. Alcohol also slows metabolism.

Is Almased safe for children?

Almased is an adult nutritional product. For children under the age of 18 years old, clients should speak with a pediatrician or pediatric dietitian. 

Is Almased safe for pregnant or nursing women?

Almased may be used as supportive nutrition for pregnant women or nursing mothers. Those who are pregnant or nursing should normally not take any weight-loss product, including Almased.

Should my clients curb their activities during the Almased Diet?

While on the Almased Diet, your clients will be fully capable of handling their normal workload and daily activities. Exercise is not necessary to have success on the program but can accelerate weight loss and help with weight maintenance, therefore it is strongly recommended. During the Starting Phase, they can start with a slower exercise routine and stop if they feel exhausted.