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Are there any side effects to my clients’ bowel movements?

Individuals with bowel issues may take precaution when adding additional protein or fiber to the diet. They may introduce Almased, as tolerated, and continue to drink plenty of water daily to reduce possible constipation.  

What is Almased’s impact on the thyroid?

Almased does not have a negative impact on the thyroids. In fact, a poster Influence of soy protein intake on blood isoflavone levels, thyroid and sex hormone concentrations in women presented by Sadaf Kookhan, PhD at the American Women Healthcare & Fitness Summit in 2015 in San Francisco, CA showed that drinking Almased three times a day did not show any significant negative effects on the thyroid. For those on synthetic thyroid medications, you should suggest that they consume Almased at least two hours after taking medications to ensure there is no absorption interference with medications.