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How much phosphorus is in one serving (50 g) of Almased?

One 50-gram serving of Almased contains 300 mg of phosphorus.

How much sodium is in one serving (50 g) of Almased?

One 50-gram serving of Almased contains 340 mg of sodium.

How much sugar is in one serving (50 g) of Almased?

One 50-gram serving of Almased contains 15 grams of sugar.

What makes Almased diabetic-friendly?

Almased has a low glycemic index of 27, which means the sugar in Almased absorbs slowly in the bloodstream minimizing blood sugar swings after consumption.

Are there any stimulants in Almased?

No. Almased does not contain any stimulants. Interestingly, compared to other supplements, Almased speeds up metabolism without any stimulants.

Are there any drug interactions with Almased?

Almased does not interact with most medications. Almased should be avoided by those taking medications that are contraindicated with a high-protein diet. They should check with a doctor before starting on Almased or any diet program.

Is Almased kidney-safe?

The human kidneys filter the blood and excrete contaminants, including urea and uric acid, which are by-products of the body’s protein utilization. Therefore, some people fear protein-rich diets because they argue that such a diet would stress the kidneys. Studies have shown that a diet with Almased does not strain the kidneys and that elderly people with decreasing kidney function and people with limited kidney function do not have to worry: Almased is “kidney friendly”.

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Freiburg, Germany, with overweight patients that suffer from metabolic syndrome (overweight, lipid metabolic disorders, high blood pressure, and insulin resistance) showed that the protein-rich Almased diet (0.3 g protein per kg bodyweight daily) did not affect the kidney function of the participants negatively.

The researchers even argued that the Almased diet may promote kidney function in the long run because of the supportive effect on the hormones leptin and insulin, which may protect against kidney damage.1

Diet Recommendation:

Diets for individuals with kidney issues or conditions will vary depending on the health status of the kidneys. A serving of Almased or the frequency of consuming Almased can be customized to fit an individual’s diet restrictions according to their kidney health.

1. Deibert P, Lutz L, König D, Zitta S, Meinitzer A, Vitolins MZ, Becker G, Berg A. Acute effect of a soy protein-rich meal-replacement application on renal parameters in patients with the metabolic syndrome. Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2011; 20 (4):527–534.