Lose Fat While Holding Onto Muscle

In 2004, researchers looked at Almased on body composition over a period of six months (Deibert, 2004). The participants lost fat and, unlike other diets, also held onto their muscle mass too.

n 2011, scientists looked at changes in body composition, physical performance, metabolic and hormonal parameters induced by lifestyle counseling, resistance training and resistance training with Almased supplementation in middle-aged males (Deibert, 2011).

In this study, resistance training, in combination with Almased supplementation, led to significant increases in fat-free mass and significant decreases in fat mass and waist circumference.

The authors found that Almased supplementation supports the anabolic and metabolic effects of resistance training in previously untrained middle-aged males.


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Deibert P, König D, Schmidt- Trucksäss A, Zaenker KS, Frey I, Landmann U, Berg A. Weight loss without losing muscle mass in pre-obese and obese subjects induced by a high-soy-protein diet. International Journal of Obesity-Related Metabolism Disorders. 2004, October; 28(10):1349–1352. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/15303108/  


More Weight Loss Compared To Other Diets, Plus Hormonal Benefits

In 2005, a weight-loss diet comparison study was carried out (Dansinger, 2005). After 12 months, the results showed that Almased users experienced significantly greater weight loss than did people who followed other popular calorie-watching and low-carb diets. By comparison, the average weight loss for the Almased study users (15.2 pounds) was more than double the weight loss of the other diets.

In data presented in 2010 (Deibert, 2010), researchers studied the effects of Almased meal replacement as part of a clinically supervised lifestyle intervention program in overweight women for a period of 6 months. 

In weeks 1 to 6, participants replaced two meals per day with Almased; in weeks 7 to 24, Almased was used to replace one meal per day.

The participants lost approximately 17.6 pounds, without any loss of lean muscle mass. In addition, leptin, insulin, cortisol and other parameters were all improved.


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